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A Virtual Terminal is an online payment application that allows you to manually enter and process credit or debit card transactions on your computer. It’s the perfect solution for businesses seeking a flexible, secure, and cost-effective payment processing system.

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An expert CleverPays rep will be dedicated to helping your business identify the perfect payment solution. We assess your specific needs and guide you towards a system that will enhance efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction. Your success is our priority.

Clover Commerce

Engage with a growing movement, Clover can do it all. See what the the hype about Clover is all about.

A Visa Product that’s been in business for almost 30 years, see how Auth.Net can help you.

Clover eCommerce

Clover eCommerce not only offers a secure and reliable payment portal but also an intuitive platform to manage your online business effectively. It supports multiple payment types, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for your customers. Plus, with advanced security features, you can be assured that every transaction is protected, keeping your business and customers safe.

With Authorize.Net, you gain a robust and flexible payment gateway capable of handling all types of transactions – online, in-person, or over the phone. Its advanced security features protect sensitive data, while its comprehensive reporting tools provide valuable insights, helping businesses optimize their operations.

Safeguard your business and customers with our top-tier fraud management solutions. Our advanced tools detect and prevent fraudulent activities, providing the security and peace of mind your business needs in an increasingly digital landscape.

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