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Analytics and customer engagement suite

Chargebacks, reconciliation, and dispute management services

Single sign-on access anywhere, anytime

Troubleshoot transactions

Track down the status of your transactions, and resolve issues right away. It’s quicker and easier than most standalone tools—minimizing duplication and the need for extra support.

Validate deposits

Enhance your revenue streams by validating transaction deposits as payments are received and cleared.

As an accounting team, we were drowning in data. Our goal was to streamline reporting, and CleverPays understood our unique needs. They assigned a code to each driver, enabling them to access their individual reports from any terminal. Now, a simple code entry logs them in, no matter which terminal they use. For us, the magic happens during reconciliation. With CleverPays’ solution, exporting a single Excel sheet and organizing data by driver name is all it takes. This has transformed our work, saving 5-8 hours a week in report amalgamation and freeing us to focus on more value-added tasks.

Taxi Gatineau

Verify billing

Keep on top of your monthly charges. Regular expense statements help improve planning, budgeting, and efficiency.

Data and reporting for maximum results

With our fully managed, cloud-based data and reporting platform, your transaction data is captured and stored in our data lake on Google Cloud. Through this single source, you can extract insights from your transaction data across platforms using our own industry-leading data exploration tools.

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