Employee Management

Our solutions integrate with comprehensive employee management solutions designed to optimize operations, enhance security, streamline your scheduling, and make your life easier.


Keep Track of your Employees, Hours, Sales, tips and commissions

Seamlessly track every aspect of your workforce from hours worked to sales, tips, and commissions earned, our comprehensive solution empowers you to effortlessly manage your team’s performance, ensuring precision and efficiency in every aspect of your business.


Homebase helps small businesses manage their work schedules, time clocks, payroll, HR, and more—so they can focus on their people.


7shifts is powering restaurant evolution. Put your restaurant on the cutting edge with modern team management tools to go digital, reduce contact, and streamline your management processes—built for restaurants only.


Reinventing the way restaurant teams work

Reinventing the way restaurant teams work
  • Make (more) profitable decisions
    The insights you need to make the best team and operating decisions every day..
  • Improve operating efficiency
    Get your operations in order and cut down on easy-to-avoid mistakes.
  • Get their time back
    Spend more time creating great guest experiences. Easier scheduling, centralized communication, and automated tip calculations at your fingertips.

Clover + Homebase

Save time and get your team in sync for free

Save time and get your team in sync for free
  • Employee scheduling
    Create schedules in minutes using our schedule template and manage shift trades on the fly.
  • Time clocks
    Turn almost any device into a time clock – tablets, computers, phones, and POS devices.
  • Payroll
    Homebase calculates wages and taxes and sends the correct payments to employees, the state, and the IRS.

Unveiling Enhanced Security

Unveiling Enhanced Security

Unveiling Enhanced Security

Give your business an added layer of security. Every employee receives a unique code, allowing you to meticulously monitor each transaction. CleverPays ensures transparency, empowering you to pinpoint who handled which transaction, bolstering trust and accountability.

Effortless Cash Control

Mastering Cash Handling

Mastering Cash Handling

Simplify cash management with CleverPays. Our solutions enable you to efficiently track cash flows, minimize errors, and maintain a clear overview of your business’s financial health. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise cash management.

Tips Made Simple

Accurate Tip Calculations

Accurate Tip Calculations

Managing tips has never been easier. CleverPays provides intuitive tools that automatically calculate tips, ensuring accuracy and fairness for your employees. With streamlined tip management, focus on delivering exceptional service while we take care of the math.

Let’s talk payments.

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Fast & Easy Setup

Get started with Cleverpays in just minutes.


Lower Rates

Everything you need to sell in-person and online.


Smarter Tools

Everything you need to sell in-person and online.


No Contracts or Monthly Fees

Get full access to our great payment tools for free.



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