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High-risk nature of gambling operations creates hurdles in obtaining credit card processing solutions.

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Revolutionizing Retail

A Success Story with Pattes & Griffes

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Once upon a time, in the bustling streets of Montreal, there was a thriving chain of pet supply stores known as Pattes & Griffes. With over 55 locations across the city, they had established themselves as the go-to destination for pet owners seeking quality products and expert advice.

However, behind the scenes, Pattes & Griffes was grappling with a formidable challenge – inventory management. Each store had its unique inventory needs, and keeping track of stock levels was a daunting task. To make matters worse, they were using a rudimentary Excel spreadsheet system that required manual data entry.

The result? SKU mismatches, errors in product quantities, and a tangled web of spreadsheets that often led to costly mistakes. Replenishing stock was a nightmare; employees struggled with minimum and maximum shelf levels, leading to inconsistencies on store shelves and disgruntled customers.

But then, a hero emerged in the form of CleverPays.

CleverPays understood Pattes & Griffes’ pain points and introduced them to an inventory management solution tailored to their needs. The system seamlessly integrated with their existing POS, automating inventory tracking, and reordering processes.

The results were astonishing. No longer did employees need to manually calculate how many items to order for each location. The system provided real-time data, ensuring that stock levels were always optimal. Products packaged in multiples were no longer a headache, as the system sent auto-replenish orders only when necessary.

With CleverPays’ solution in place, Pattes & Griffes streamlined their inventory management. The benefits rippled through the organization, from saving time and money to ensuring that customers always found what they needed on the shelves.

Today, Pattes & Griffes continues to grow, expanding its reach and providing exceptional service to pet owners. CleverPays’ innovative inventory management solution has empowered them to focus on what they do best – caring for pets and their owners.

The moral of the story? With CleverPays by your side, even the most complex challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and success.

Revolutionizing Retail

A Success Story with Pattes & Griffes

Picture this: Boustan, the beloved Middle Eastern eatery with 45 locations, had a dream. They wanted to expand their family of restaurants to over 70 locations. But the road to success was filled with challenges. They needed a hero, and that’s when CleverPays, their tech-savvy sidekick, entered the scene.

The Challenge:
Boustan was already managing an impressive array of locations, but they faced an uphill battle. Their mobile ordering system, which they’d trusted for years, had become costly and complicated. Some of their locations were also grappling with credit card fraud and tricky chargebacks, causing significant financial strain.

Our Solution:
CleverPays, armed with supercharged tech solutions, went to work:

Cost-Effective Security:
We introduced a state-of-the-art security solution, including 3DS 2.0 technology. This incredible tech shield not only slashed fraud but also saved Boustan a massive $200,000 in chargebacks.

Streamlined Operations:
We revamped their mobile ordering system, making it both secure and budget-friendly. Boustan was thrilled that they could continue their cherished gift card program without missing a beat.

Network Expansion:
CleverPays worked its magic, transforming Boustan’s expansion plans into reality. Our simplified account setup and hassle-free hardware installation made onboarding new locations a breeze.

The Results:
The Boustan-CleverPays dynamic duo achieved spectacular feats:

Doubled Growth:
Boustan’s restaurant family doubled in size, with over 70 thriving locations.

Financial Relief:
CleverPays’ impenetrable shield saved Boustan a whopping $200,000, providing financial stability and peace of mind.

Smooth Operations:
Boustan now operates like a well-oiled machine, managing both their existing and new locations with ease.

Enhanced Franchise Value:
Boustan’s tech-driven transformation has skyrocketed its appeal to potential franchisees, elevating its franchise value.

In the tale of Boustan’s incredible journey, CleverPays emerged as the tech superhero, turning dreams into reality. From 45 locations to over 70, with substantial savings and boosted franchise value, CleverPays remains committed to writing more success stories. The Boustan-CleverPays partnership is a shining example of how technology and collaboration can transform businesses into real-life superheroes.

Revolutionizing Retail

A Tech Odyssey with CleverPays

Picture a bustling franchise like Mr. Puffs, renowned for their mouthwatering Greek pastries, hungry for growth and a smoother operation. With over 70 locations scattered across Ontario, they knew they needed a tech-savvy partner to help them realize their ambitions. Enter CleverPays, the tech-hero ready to take on the challenge.

The Challenge:
Despite their success, Mr. Puffs faced their fair share of hurdles. After investing in a shiny new POS solution, they found themselves trapped in a web of escalating costs imposed by their payment processor. To make matters worse, the processor’s clunky interface and lackluster support left the franchise feeling lost and searching for a better way.

Our Solution:
CleverPays, armed with cutting-edge tech and unwavering support, sprung into action:

Personal Touch: We didn’t just send help; we sent a dedicated account manager and a representative, ready to address every concern, ensuring Mr. Puffs got the support they truly deserved.

Effortless Onboarding: CleverPays simplified the onboarding process, making it a breeze to open new accounts and set up hardware. No more endless delays or tedious procedures.

Command Central: With CleverPays, the head office simply shoots off a single email, sharing franchisee info. From there, it’s all in our hands, with no hiccups or slowdowns.

The Results:
The partnership between Mr. Puffs and CleverPays birthed some pretty spectacular outcomes:

Smooth Sailing: With our tireless support and refined processes, Mr. Puffs shed the weight of operational burdens, freeing up precious time and resources.

Budget Bliss: CleverPays helped the franchise escape the clutches of rising processing costs, securing a healthier financial footing.

Expansion Extravaganza: With CleverPays as their trusty sidekick, Mr. Puffs expanded to over 70 locations across Ontario, with the promise of more growth on the horizon.

In the heartwarming tale of Mr. Puffs’ tech journey, CleverPays took the stage as the tech-hero, turning challenges into triumphs. From slashing costs and boosting efficiency to powering rapid expansion, CleverPays is all about creating more success stories. Mr. Puffs’ tech-driven transformation proves that a strong partnership can fuel incredible growth and operational harmony in the fiercely competitive world of franchising.

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