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Apply faster than you would for traditional loans. Approvals typically take 1-2 business days.


Repayment is worry-free. You pay more when your sales are strong; less if sales slow down.


Once you’re approved, you’ll see your working capital in your bank account in just 2-3 business days.

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Easy payments

Fast, flexible financing for your business

Fast, flexible financing for your business
  • Quick & Convenient
    Clover Capital is a fast, convenient merchant cash advance, repaid through a fixed percentage of your future credit card sales.

  • Easy Payments
    Payments are deducted daily from your MasterCard and Visa credit card sales deposits. Repay at the pace of your sales—pay more when your sales go up, less when they’re low.

  • Simple to qualify
    You must be in business for six months or longer and process a minimum monthly volume of $1,000 in Visa & MasterCard transactions. Additional credit qualifications apply.

Bank on your tomorrow, today

Let's fund your future

Let's fund your future
  • Refresh your space
Renovate your location to enhance your brand and your customers’ experience.our future credit card sales.

  • Upgrade your business
Get the equipment you need to streamline your space and operations.
  • Hire more employees
    Staff up and invest in the people who’ll help take your venture to the next level.
  • Open new locations
    Expand your reach, extend your footprint, and experience the growth that drives success.
  • Amplify your marketing
    Reach a larger audience with smart, creative marketing initiatives.

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