Clover Flex - handheld POS system

Clover Flex POS System

Clover Flex POS is super handy for any shop, big or small. It looks good and works with all kinds of payments. It has a long-lasting battery and keeps you connected, so you never miss a sale. Plus, scanning items is easy with its built-in scanner. The best part? Its software is full of helpful apps, making things like keeping track of your stuff and scheduling your team’s work simple. It’s everything you need to help your business grow, all in one place.

Image of Clover V3 POS system showcasing its sleek design and advanced features for efficient payment processing and business / restaurant management.

How to use Clover Flex

Using Clover Flex POS is a game-changer for helping your customers and equipping your business with what it needs to thrive. If you sell products or services and use a cash register, it’s time to switch to Clover Flex. Perfect for retail, contracting, or restaurants, Clover Flex ensures your customers leave happy and keep coming back. It’s the upgrade your business deserves for top-notch service.

Clover Flex Payment in a Boutique in Retail

Clover Flex for Retail

In the retail world, Clover Flex introduces a seamless checkout process that elevates customer service to new heights. Its portable design means you can bring the checkout to your customers, reducing lines and wait times.

  • Brings checkout to customers, reducing wait times
  • Ideal for processing payments on the shop floor or at events
  • Enhances shopping experience, encouraging repeat business
Clover Flex Payment Restaurant table mapping with Pay@Table

Clover Flex for Restaurants

For restaurants, Clover Flex is a game-changer. From tableside ordering and payment processing to managing food delivery services, Clover Flex streamlines operations.

  • Enables tableside ordering and payment
  • Integrates with many restaurant POS systems
  • No need to calculate tips
  • Integrates with Uber Eats and other popular delivery aggregators
  • Server management
  • Streamlines food delivery service payments
  • Improves dining experience and increases table turnover
Clover Flex V3 in a line buster restaurant environment

Clover Flex for Services

Service-based businesses, including contractors and home service professionals, benefit immensely from Clover Flex’s mobility. The ability to accept payments on-site immediately after a job enhances convenience for both the provider and the customer.

  • Allows on-site payment post-service, improving convenience
  • Eliminates need for invoicing and follow-ups
  • Authorize and pre-authorize cards for maximum flexibility
  • Toggle sim card on or off and save money
Clover Flex v3 Payment used off site. Wireless, wifi and cheap sim card available.

Clover Flex On The Go

Clover Flex shines in enabling off-site payments, offering unparalleled flexibility for businesses on the move. Whether it’s selling at trade shows, festivals, or any outdoor events, Clover Flex ensures you never miss a sale due to payment processing constraints.

  • Conveniently uses USB-C for easy charging
  • Perfect for trade shows, festivals, and outdoor events
  • Long battery life and mobile connectivity for payments anywhere
  • Expands business reach beyond traditional settings

Product Information

Clover Flex stands out as a versatile and efficient point-of-sale (POS) system, designed to adapt to the dynamic nature of your business. Its flexibility is its greatest strength, enabling swift movement through lines, conducting transactions on the go, or serving as a stationary payment processor at your counter. This all-in-one device caters to every need.

Portable and dynamic, Clover Flex brings the full capabilities of a POS system directly to your customers, wherever they may be. Compatible with both WiFi and LTE networks, it guarantees that you can always accept payments, enhancing the customer experience whether at the counter, in busy queues, at dining tables, or during off-site engagements. Clover Flex is dedicated to supporting and nurturing your business’s growth.

It accepts a wide array of payment methods, including credit, debit, mobile wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay), EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa), UnionPay, Discover, and options for tap, insert, swipe, chip and PIN, and even cash.

Furthermore, Clover Flex facilitates inventory management and online order taking through Register Lite at a minimal cost. Register Lite not only keeps track of your inventory but also connects you to Clover Online Ordering, expanding your customer reach and boosting online sales. Plus, every Clover Flex comes equipped with access to a virtual terminal and the Clover Web Dashboard, allowing for remote payment acceptance.

Compact Receipt Printing: Say goodbye to bulky printers. Clover Flex lets you print receipts directly from this sleek, portable device. Not just paper receipts; it can also send them via email or text directly to your customers.

Integrated Barcode Scanner: Keep your inventory in check effortlessly. The built-in barcode scanner allows you to scan items to track inventory or pull up product details in the POS system with ease.

Always Connected: With Clover’s Ethernet, WiFi, and cellular LTE options, your system stays connected. This ensures your transactions can go through without a hitch, anywhere, anytime.

Features :

  • Operating System: Runs on a secure version of Android (AOSP) 10 (API Level 29), ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience.
  • Processor: Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor
  • Memory: Comes with 2-GB RAM and 16-GB Flash storage
  • Display: Features a 5.99-inch, 720×1440 XHDPI display
  • Payment Technology: Equipped with an EMV chip card reader, NFC reader, and MSR reader, it accepts a wide range of payment methods, including chip, tap, and swipe.
  • Connectivity: Offers Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE support
  • Built-in Printer: An internal thermal receipt printer prints receipts on the spot

Versatile Payment Acceptance: Accept all major payment types including Visa, Mastercard, Interac, American Express, UnionPay, Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Supports swipe, EMV chip and PIN, contactless, and cash transactions.

Top-Notch Security: Features full encryption on a PCI-certified system with Clover Security, ensuring every transaction is secure, protecting both your business and your customers.
Durable, Functional, and Convenient for Any Business

All-in-One System: Combines a cash register, terminal, and printer into one super-portable device, making it perfect for any business setting.

Ultimate Flexibility: Acts as both a handheld device for on-the-go transactions and a stationary POS/register for traditional sales environments.
Empower Your Business Growth

Clover Dashboard: Access your business metrics from anywhere through the cloud-based dashboard. Track sales, refunds, and top items easily from any device.

Performance Insights: Identify your best and least-performing staff to enhance employee efficiency and boost overall business performance.

Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

  • Loyalty Program: Quickly set up a free, effective loyalty program to encourage repeat business.
  • Custom Gift Cards: Attract new customers and retain existing ones with custom-branded gift cards

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Electronic Receipts: Offer the convenience of electronic and text message receipts, reducing paper waste and capturing valuable customer data for future promotions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interface ensures quick staff training and fast payment processing.

Personalize Your Service

  • Custom Configurations: Display your logo or a custom message on the device or receipts to reinforce your brand identity.

Uninterrupted Support

  • 24/7/365 Technical Support: With Fiserv and CleverPays, enjoy round-the-clock support and same-day onsite terminal replacements to keep your business running smoothly.

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