For over a decade now, we’ve helped tens of thousands of merchants nationwide get out of shady contracts and accept payments at their storefronts, and through their website. But why should you work with CleverPays? Because we are more than payment processing.

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For over a decade now, we’ve helped tens of thousands of merchants nationwide get out of shady contracts and accept payments at their storefronts, and through their website. But why should you work with CleverPays?

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We’re not salespeople

We Listen and Serve

We listen to you; each customer is unique, each business faces it’s own issues and require special solutions. We are eager to understand what challenges you face and suggest solutions to make life that much simpler.  We’re more than just payment processing.

Be Clever.

Let’s talk business

Meet the team

Our Culture and Team

Richard Branson said, “take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” We offer profit sharing, encourage ownership in roles and expand on their learning, and provide a laid-back office atmosphere.We don’t say that to brag but to prove that if we’re willing to go the extra mile for our own, we’re ready to go the extra mile for our partners and merchants.


Elie Hadad

General Manger

Roderick Samson

Regional Director

Paul Muntean

Account Executive


John Arumugam

Account Executive


Senior Account Manager


Account Executive


Account Executive

David Kwan

Account Executive

Award winning integrity

Transparency, and integrity in pricing

CleverPays is built on 3 pillars – honesty, integrity and transparency. We want to show you how your payment processing bill works. We can offer a pricing model that makes sense for you. 

We are not afraid to get creative in finding solutions that keeps you compliant and save you money.

Show me the money

Merchant first approach

Going beyond payment processing

It’s not just a slogan. Customer-first. it’s that we put your best interest in the forefront of it all.

Help me save


How are payment processing fees generally determined by credit card processors?

Payment processing fees are typically calculated based on interchange rates set by card networks, plus a processor's markup.

How does Cleverpay charge for credit card processing?

CleverPays uses Interchange Plus pricing, which transparently passes interchange costs to merchants and charges a clear fee.

What is Interchange Plus pricing?

Interchange Plus is a pricing model where merchants pay the actual interchange fees set by card networks, plus a fixed processor fee.

How is the interchange rate determined?

Interchange rates are set by card networks and depend on factors like card type, transaction method, and industry.

Where can I find the interchange rates?

You can find interchange rates on the websites of major card networks or contact them directly.

Visa, MasterCard

How can CleverPays save me money?

CleverPays can save you money by offering transparent pricing, optimizing your payment processing, and reducing unnecessary fees. As well as leveraging various business solutions reducing time wasting activities.

What else can CleverPays do besides payment processing?

Besides payment processing, CleverPays offers additional services like business app integration, marketing, and web services, and helping you grow the business as a whole.

I think I am in a contract with my current payment processing provider, can you help me?

Yes, CleverPays can often assist in contract negotiations or provide cost-saving solutions even if you're in a contract.

I have bad credit, can you still help me take payments?

CleverPays may have options for merchants with bad credit. Contact us to discuss potential solutions.

Why do you need my statement?

Providing your statement helps CleverPays analyze your current payment processing costs and identify potential savings.

They really love us 😍

Help us become the best payment company in the world!

The clover system is the best out there. Our representative Rod Samson, was professional and answered all of our questions. We didn’t have any complications and Rod made sure that that everything was okay and working well. We most definitely recommend him.

Eliya Chihimi
Excellence services Excellent service, excellent product, excellent rates. Thank you to Rod and the Cleverpays team. I am very happy and cannot complain. I will only work with Cleverpays team moving forward, no other provider compares.

Buon Ho Lim
Amazing customer service from Rod! Always there when I need him, he is very reliable. We have become good friends since. It’s been over three years and I am never changing with anyone else.

Pokai MTL
I’ve been with Cleverpays and Rod for two years. I have never had such good service with any other payment company. As a business owner, I know how important and crucial service is especially when it comes to getting customers paid quickly and bug-free. He always answers my calls and helps me with anything I need. I would highly recommend any company choose Rod if you want peace of mind.

Samir Doum
Auto Doum, Repentigny