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In-Person Payment Processing


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Discover Clover, modern terminals and POS. Empowers businesses with an all-on-one solution powered by thousands of business apps.

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Experience the power of integrated and semi-integrated payment solutions that work with your existing point of sale.

Integrated Solutions

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Use your existing hardware and enjoy peace of mind with integrated payment solutions.

Keyed-In Payment Processing

Clover Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

Take payments from anywhere

Virtual terminals enable businesses to securely process payments online without physical card readers, ideal for remote transactions and customer convenience.


Hassle Free Invoicing
eInvoicing streamlines billing by sending digital invoices directly to customers, ensuring faster payments, reduced errors, and improved cash flow.

Take Payments Online


Powering the new world of commerce

From smart terminals to a cloud-based payments platform and end-to-end terminal management, our innovations are designed to help you succeed in the payments acceptance ecosystem.


Accept payments anytime, anywhere offers robust payment gateway services, enabling businesses to securely accept credit card and electronic check payments online with ease.


Your Fully Integrated Payments Ecosystem

This all-encompassing solution streamlines the merchant acquisition process, sharing in the success of net payment revenue generation.

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Why do I need a Payment Processor?

Credit card payment processing allows a business to accept credit and debit cards. With a merchant account, customers to buy things from your business using a credit or debit card. The payment terminal or gateway communicates the transaction to the customer bank (issuer) to check if you have enough “credit” or balance in your account. Once the transaction gets approved, the merchant bank (acquirer) adds the transaction details to the general ledger and the customer can take their purchase. That night the transactions settle in a batch and the funds get deposited to the merchant bank account.

Clever Pays will assist the merchant (you) to create a MID. A Merchant Identification Number, (MID) is a special ID number is unique to the payment processing world. The payment processor assigns the MID to the merchant as part of the setup process. This number helps track and process the payments, ensuring the right merchant receives the right deposits from customer purchases.

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