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A Brave New World of Payment Technology

The Smart Terminal series embodies the future of Android terminals, featuring bigger touchscreens that improve usability over conventional PIN Pad terminals. These advanced terminals offer numerous benefits, such as more cost-effective rental and purchase options, significantly lowering initial expenses for merchants.

Why Smart Terminals?

The DX8000 is part of Ingenico’s newest AXIUM range and acts as the advanced successor to the widely acclaimed previous-generation Ingenico TETRA devices (Desk/5000 and Move/5000).

Featuring a 6-inch vibrant colored touchscreen, powered by an Android operating system, and equipped with an integrated printer, the DX8000 delivers enhanced features and capabilities. It is available in both standalone and semi-integrated setups. For connectivity, the DX8000 provides flexible communication options, including Wi-Fi, 4G, and Ethernet* support. This allows customers to effortlessly connect the terminal to their network of choice via an optional communication base.

Product Information

DX8000 for Business

Return to business swiftly with the Ingenico DX8000, the point-of-sale solution designed for immediate payment processing, thanks to its quick setup. This user-friendly system is crafted to keep pace with your busy life, featuring a vivid 6-inch LED touchscreen, enduring battery life, dual cameras, and additional functionalities for optimal operation. Stay operational and mobile with enhanced security measures that lower the risk of card fraud and flexible wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Experience the tranquility of knowing you have constant support, with 24/7 live customer assistance ready to help whenever you require. CleverPays offers the perfect blend of efficiency, security, and support to keep your business moving forward.

Ingenico EX8000

The EX8000 is a cutting-edge addition to Ingenico’s AXIUM line of products, positioned as the advanced successor to the widely acclaimed Ingenico TETRA series (Desk/5000 and Move/5000). Featuring a 6-inch vibrant colored touchscreen, powered by Android, and boasting a sleek, lightweight design akin to modern smartphones, the EX8000 delivers superior features and performance.

Regarding connectivity, the EX8000 provides a range of options, including Wi-Fi, 4G, and Ethernet support, ensuring flexible and reliable network connections. With the addition of optional communication bases, customers have the ease of connecting the terminal to their network of choice.t

The EX8000/DX8000 payment application streamlines payment processing with key features for enhanced flexibility:

  • Sale: Processes purchases, the most common transaction.
  • Refund: Credits a cardholder for past purchases.
  • Void: Cancels incorrect transactions instead of refunding.
  • Force Sale: Processes transactions offline if network connection fails.
  • Pre-Auth: Reserves funds on a cardholder’s credit for up to 30 days, allowing amount adjustments at transaction completion.
  • Pre-Auth Completion: Finalizes a Pre-Auth with an amount up to or less than the reserved.
  • Incremental Auth: Adds charges to an existing authorization, avoiding new transactions.
  • Reports: Generate and print transaction reports for analysis.
  • Re-print: Easily reprint receipts as needed.
  • Settlement: Conduct batch settlements for transaction completion.
  • Clerk Management: Manage clerk profiles for activity tracking.
  • Setup: Customize settings for tailored business needs.
  • Batch Management: Close and organize transaction batches efficiently.
  • Security Settings: Secure payment data with configurable settings.
  • Maintenance: Access maintenance and troubleshooting tools for smooth operations.

Ingenico Products Are Known for Stability

Streamlined Order Process: By empowering customers to place their orders through intuitive touchscreens, Clover Kiosks significantly reduce the queue length at the counter. This self-service model not only speeds up the ordering process but also allows staff to focus on food preparation and quality, ensuring orders are ready faster and more accurately.

Increased Transaction Speed: Clover Kiosks process payments swiftly, accepting a wide range of payment methods from credit cards to mobile payments. This rapid transaction capability minimizes wait times, enhancing customer throughput especially during peak hours. Faster transactions mean more satisfied customers and higher sales volumes.

Technical Specifications
Display: 6” HD colour / capacitive multi-touch screen
Buttons: Power, Volume

  • Application processor: 64-bit ARM, Cortex Quad-core A53, 1.3GHz 32-bit ARM, security core SC300, 192MHz
  • Crypto processor: 32-bit ARM, security core SC300, 192MHz


  • Internal –  32GB Flash, 3GB RAM or – 16 GB Flash, 2GB RAM
  • External – MicroSD Card Slot

Dimensions: L x W x H (inches): 7.8×3.2×2.4”
Battery: 3350mAh / 7.2V, 24.12Wh Li-ion
Communications: Wi-Fi, 4G
Security: PCI PTS V6
Paper roll: Width / Diameter: 58mm/37mm
Supported peripherals: Charging base, Communication base
Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Operating humidity: 10 – 90%
Weight: 0.96 lb | 441g

AXIUM DX8000 Series: Elevate in-store payments with this smart solution featuring long-lasting battery, up to 6-inch screen, and dual cameras. It offers superior performance with a top-tier processor and extensive memory, alongside the latest Android 10 apps for new business opportunities. The Smart Terminal delivers a sleek, modern payment experience with a responsive touchscreen, enhancing customer interactions and speeding up transactions. Choose the DX8000 for a comprehensive solution with robust features, or opt for the EX8000 if you need portability and ease of use, thanks to its lightweight, smartphone-like design.
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