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I’m John Arumugam, a dedicated professional driven by a strong set of core values. That’s why I’m drawn to Clever Pays, as it aligns perfectly with my beliefs in God, integrity, building meaningful connections with customers, and finding joy in the process. With over 8 years of industry experience, I take great pleasure in providing unique solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. The life of the party, outgoing, popular, and lovable. But also incredibly loyal and true to his word. Whatever he says, you can count on him to make it happen. Favourite product to work with is CloverFlex V3. It’s versatile, user friendly, and lightweight to show a demo for clients. I love to walk through a customer ensuring they know exactly what they’re getting, and understanding that they have more than a payment terminal, they have a partner they can rely on. My personal clients can reach out to me, and I’ll ensure their satisfaction.

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I enjoy working with restaurants, as there are so many avenues which we can make their life easier. From consolidating reports, to tip management, to integrations, to online ordering, so many solutions at our fingers tips. All we have to do is ask :)
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Contracts are not necessary, however every company has different requirements. Let us help you figure out what is required to board the solution you need. 

Canada has over 500 integrations. Every industry comes with its own set of needs. We can help you accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Interac both online and in-store. 

No problem, CleverPays knows how to navigate payment processing in Canada. Lets jump on a call and discuss your options. We’ve helped hundreds of Canadian merchants get out of a bad contract.

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