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Our terminals give you the flexibility to integrate with your existing POS systems

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best-in-class reliability for high frequency environment

Smooth Checkout Experience

Providing a smooth checkout experience is crucial for grocery stores. With Lane3000, your customers can breeze through the checkout process, minimizing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our integrated solutions ensure quick and efficient transactions, allowing you to serve more customers with ease.

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Secure Payment Processing

Ensuring the security of payment transactions is of utmost importance. Lane3000 prioritizes the protection of customer data with industry-leading security measures. Our advanced encryption and tokenization technology safeguard sensitive information, providing peace of mind to both you and your customers.

Versatile Payment Acceptance

Embracing a wide range of payment options is vital for accommodating diverse customer preferences. Clover POS and the Ingenico Lane3000 enables you to accept various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and contactless payments. This versatility ensures that your customers can pay using their preferred method, enhancing their convenience and satisfaction.

Integration with Existing Systems

Let us about worry about integrating our solutions with your existing systems is essential for smooth operations. Lane3000 offers robust integration capabilities, allowing it to effortlessly sync with your inventory management, CRM, and other crucial systems. This integration streamlines processes, reduces manual work, and enhances overall efficiency.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Grocery store environments demand durable and long-lasting equipment. Lane3000 is built to withstand the rigours of daily use in a bustling grocery store setting. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance ensure it can handle the demands of your business, saving you from frequent maintenance or replacement needs.

Improved Inventory Management

The Lane3000 focuses on payment processing, however, its integration capabilities allow it to communicate with your existing hardware, such as inventory management software. This connectivity enables real-time updates on stock levels, allowing groceries businesses to track inventory accurately and prevent stock-outs. By leveraging the solution in conjunction with your exsting inventory management systems, businesses can streamline operations and optimize their supply chain.

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Already have hardware? Let’s lower your rates.

We specialize in partnering with supermarkets and have a proven track record of working with over 200 grocery stores and convenience stores. If you’ve already invested in hardware for your supermarket, our experienced team can help you optimize your payment processing rates with confidence. Leveraging our industry expertise and deep understanding of the grocery sector, we’ll assess your current setup, analyze transaction volumes, and identify opportunities for cost savings. Discover how our tailored solutions can reduce rates and maximize profitability for your supermarket. Contact us today for a personalized rate assessment catered to your grocery store’s unique needs.

Weights and Scales?

Receive orders directly from the web page we create for you, or from the Clover app. Online ordering for pickup takes seconds to set up, and syncs in real time. It’s on us—Clover Online Ordering is included FREE with your Table Service plan. No additional subscription fees, either.

Barcode Scanning

Take orders at the table and fire straight to the kitchen. Your guests
get their food faster, and you turn tables quicker.

Travel Often?

One screen. One source of truth. No pens, no printers, no lost tickets. Just a real-time look at ticket times, order statuses, and everything else that keeps service moving smoothly.

Third-Party partner Integrations

See how you can enhance your business with 3rd party soluitions and apps.

Streamline payments

  • All the ways they want to pay
    Contactless and mobile. Gift card or check. Credit or debit. Digital wallet including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Split the bill
    Split it the way your guests desire: by guest, item, or custom amount. No limitations, no conditions, no hassle.
  • Take payments worry-free
    WiFi down? No worries. All Clover systems can accept payments while the Internet is down and then process those transactions when connectivity returns, so your business is always on.

Introducing: Scan to Order

For your guests dining in, we’ve got something special on the POS menu. Introducing our latest feature, Scan to Order.
Your guests scan a QR code to browse through your digital menu, then order and pay—all online, from the safety and convenience of their mobile devices.

Accessories for Grocery businesses

IPrecise Weighing and Pricing: Clover Scale ensures accurate and consistent weighing of products, allowing groceries stores to determine the exact weight of items being sold. This precision ensures that customers are charged correctly, enhancing transparency and trust in the pricing process. Clover Scale supports various weight units, such as pounds, ounces, kilograms, and grams, catering to different product types and customer preferences.

Setup and Support

Cleverpays is simple to use from day one. But if you need help, we
offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 customer support for sellers
on our Plus/Premium plans and M–F, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, customer support for
sellers on our Free plan.

They really love us 😍

Help us become the best payment company in the world!

The clover system is the best out there. Our representative Rod Samson, was professional and answered all of our questions. We didn’t have any complications and Rod made sure that that everything was okay and working well. We most definitely recommend him.

Monaco Group

Our store was going to open in a few days so Elie and his team sprung to action to make everything happen so fast. They were and continue to be responsive (even after hours – not that that is to be expected) and they were competitive with their rates. And believe me, I shopped around. We went with Clover Merchant processing because the system is sleek and fit exactly what we were looking for. Most importantly what sealed the deal for us to choose CleverPays is because they recently integrated 3DS 2.0 Technology into their online merchant processing which integrates with your e-commerce website, if you have one. I’m sure they can explain the technology better than I can but essentially it moves the liability onto the bank, not the merchant (which would be us) via an identity verification step, so we are safeguarded from fraudulent transactions. This feature could save us thousands of dollars if someone/people tried to do a fraudulent transaction on our website. This compared with their competitive rates and excellent customer service made for an easy decision to go with them.

Amazing customer service from Rod! Always there when I need him, he is very reliable. We have become good friends since. It’s been over three years and I am never changing with anyone else.

Opera Big
I’ve been with Cleverpays and Rod for two years. I have never had such good service with any other payment company. As a business owner, I know how important and crucial service is especially when it comes to getting customers paid quickly and bug-free. He always answers my calls and helps me with anything I need. I would highly recommend any company choose Rod if you want peace of mind.