The Payments area in your CleverPays account presents a summary of all transactions you have executed, encompassing credit, debit, bank account, and other modes of payment.

An Overview of Payments

Payments can be used to peruse your comprehensive transaction data, including the following segments in your account:

  • Transactions – A summary of all the transactions in your account sorted by card transactions, bank account transactions, and other payment methods.
  • Credit Card Batches – Peruse a summary of your card batches including the total sales amount and the dates opened and closed.
  • Bank Account Batches – Examine a summary of your bank account batches if processing ACH payments.
  • Virtual Terminal – Gain access to the virtual terminal to initiate a payment for a client.
  • Payment Requests – If you are dispatching payment requests to clients, you can view all of your requests, or categorize them by Due vs. Paid requests to discern which payment requests remain unsettled.
  • Terminal – Inspect the terminals connected with your account and modify the settlement data to auto-settle your batches at your preferred time.
  • Receipt Designer – Utilize the Receipt Designer to modify the aesthetic of your customer receipts. You can change the content, imagery, and colors of your receipts to embody your business’s brand.
  • Export – Download or export a copy of your transactions to a CSV or Quickbooks.

Setting up your account:

Prior to processing payments, we suggest you explore the various setting options under Merchant Account Settings to verify that the default settings are suitable for your business.

The next section that could be advantageous to scrutinize before processing payments is the Receipt Theme Designer. You can tailor the content, images, and colors of your receipts to mirror your brand.

Lastly, browse the Terminals page to designate your default terminal and personalize your batch settings. Having reviewed your account settings, personalized your receipt, and tweaked your batch settings, you’re now ready to start processing payments.

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