Our Association Partners

Align your business with an
association/buying group for business perks.

Our Association Partners

Align your business with an
association/buying group for business perks.

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Partner Opportunities

Bring value to your association members

Preferred Pricing

Association/buying group partners
offer preferred rates for members,
making it easier to finance your
business-related needs.

Member Benefits

Associations/buying groups provide
benefits and special offers that can
help you grow your business.

Education and Training

Many of our partners offer
comprehensive education and
training to ensure you and your
business are equipped for success.


Through becoming a member with
one of our association/buying group
partners, you can get access to a
network of businesses just like yours.

Innovation through Collaboration

Tailored Payment Solutions

We are collaborators. Partnering with us means tapping into the combined strength of technology and financial solutions to pioneer innovations that will redefine how you run a business.

Effortless Event Management

Event Management Made Easy

As an association, hosting events is at the heart of what we do. CleverPays simplifies event management, from registrations to ticket sales and attendee data. With CleverPays, we can create unforgettable experiences for our members while making administrative tasks a breeze.

Diverse Partnerships

Explore other partners

Card brands

Allow customers to pay how they choose with our wide range of card brand and digital wallet partners.

Corporate partners

Our experienced corporate partners are here to help your business, whether you’re starting out or getting ready to

Integrated solutions

Find partners that provide software and other integrated solutions designed to improve the efficiency of your business.

Member Engagement

Deeper Community Connection

At CleverPays, we know that nurturing member relationships is vital to your association’s vitality. We offer tools and expertise to foster member engagement. Strengthen your association’s bonds by connecting with members on a meaningful level, creating a thriving, closely-knit community.

Data-Driven Insights

Empowering Decision-Making

We empower associations with data-driven decision-making capabilities. Gain invaluable insights into member behavior, payment trends, and engagement metrics, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. Our advanced analytics tools equip associations to adapt and flourish in an ever-evolving landscape.

They really love us 😍

Help us become the best payment company in the world!

The clover system is the best out there. Our representative Rod Samson, was professional and answered all of our questions. We didn’t have any complications and Rod made sure that that everything was okay and working well. We most definitely recommend him.

Monaco Group

Our store was going to open in a few days so Elie and his team sprung to action to make everything happen so fast. They were and continue to be responsive (even after hours – not that that is to be expected) and they were competitive with their rates. And believe me, I shopped around. We went with Clover Merchant processing because the system is sleek and fit exactly what we were looking for. Most importantly what sealed the deal for us to choose CleverPays is because they recently integrated 3DS 2.0 Technology into their online merchant processing which integrates with your e-commerce website, if you have one. I’m sure they can explain the technology better than I can but essentially it moves the liability onto the bank, not the merchant (which would be us) via an identity verification step, so we are safeguarded from fraudulent transactions. This feature could save us thousands of dollars if someone/people tried to do a fraudulent transaction on our website. This compared with their competitive rates and excellent customer service made for an easy decision to go with them.

Amazing customer service from Rod! Always there when I need him, he is very reliable. We have become good friends since. It’s been over three years and I am never changing with anyone else.

Opera Big
I’ve been with Cleverpays and Rod for two years. I have never had such good service with any other payment company. As a business owner, I know how important and crucial service is especially when it comes to getting customers paid quickly and bug-free. He always answers my calls and helps me with anything I need. I would highly recommend any company choose Rod if you want peace of mind.